Got a question regarding bar hire and how it works? We have collected the most common questions our Customers ask from us, along with some short and helpful explanations and answers.

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Q: You mention 'All-inclusive packages' and that 'everything is included', yet you state your prices as 'starting at £'. Why is that? What can make your prices to be higher than the advertised rate?

A: One of the factors that we use when determine our prices is the cost of the brands of spirits, wines and other stock we work with. The advertised rates (£9.00 pp/ph in case of unlimited hire or £6.00 per drink) represent our regular range of stock that is made of widely recognised, industry-standard brands).

However, if you have your own brand preferences, especially for brands that come at a higher costs, we happily supply these but our prices would also reflect this adjustment.

Q: I am slightly reserved about the idea of bringing alcohol and other liquids to our workplace where we normally work with expensive and sensitive equipment, not to mention that things might get out of control after a couple of drinks.... Can you address my concerns.

A: These are very valid points, and we do our utmost to make your event as safe as possible. We have hundreds of staff parties under our belt (some held in luxury car showrooms and art galleries) and we developed practices and measures to avoid any unwanted side effects of celebrating in the comfort of your own office.

Q: Do you need a deposit?

A: Yes, in order to secure your date and ensure that the costs of our preparations are covered, we charge a 50% deposit upon the time of the booking. For further details on our deposit and payment terms and cancellation policy please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Q: Can I cancel my booking?

A: Yes indeed. We understand that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that force you to cancel an upcoming event, and we offer full refunds on any deposit paid if we receive a cancellation request in writing no later than 2 weeks prior to the party. Any cancellations after this deadline means that only 50% of any deposit gets refunded to you in order to cover our initial expenses.

Alternatively, you might wish to amend your event's date. We can happily do this for you, but please note that any amendments are subject to the availability of your selected new date.


Q: I plan a little get-together at home and bought all the booze, can I hire only a bar and staff from you to serve my drinks to the guests? 

A: Of course! This type of bar hire is called 'Dry Bar' hire, in which case we provide you with bespoke bar units, all the necessary equipment, glassware, professional staff, all the other bits and pieces required to create a more sophisticated drinks service for your party, but the supply of any spirits, ingredients, ice etc remains your responsibility. Please also bear in mind that due to health and safety reasons we do not offer unmanned bars (aka equipment only), at least one of our team members must be included in the booking. For a bespoke quote please get in touch.


Q: I would love to have one of your Niche Bars on my wedding, but it's held in a Hotel that has got its own bar... Is that a problem?

A: Normally, it shouldn't be. Most Hotel's are happy to accept external suppliers and at the end of the day, it's YOUR Big Day, isn't it? The best is to check first with the venue about their relevant policy and practices, or alternatively, we can contact the venue on your behalf to discuss the possibilities.

Q: Are there any minimum/maximum number of guests you can cater for?

A: Not at all, although we believe our service is the most suitable for parties between 25 to 150 attendees. 


Q: The party rocks but I have only booked you for set hours, could you stay any longer?

A: Absolutely! We are providing a very flexible service and we can extend our service hours, giving that there are no restrictions in place from any local authorities or from the venue where the event is held. We charge a pro-rata amount based on the final quoted price, calculated in every commenced hour of extra service. For further terms regarding extra-time payments please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Q: Do you hire staff only? 

A: No, unfortunately we don't. 


Q: Do you offer food as well or only drinks/cocktails?

A: We do not offer food service by default, however, we can arrange a selection of nibbles or sharing plates of cold, ready-made finger food (cheeses, charcuterie, nuts and fruits) upon request (and for an additional fee). If you are after something more complex we would be more than happy to recommend one of our supplier partners.


Q: Do you offer cocktail masterclasses or wine tasting sessions?

A: Absolutely! We are always happy to share our enthusiasm and expertise about fine drinks and entertain your guests with cocktail masterclasses and wine tastings, whether as the part of your event or an individual booking solely for this purpose. 


Q: On my last holiday I've tried an amazing cocktail... I can't remember the name of it, but it was green, and definitely had rum in it.. Can you make that for me?

A: At Cocktail Arts, we are an experimental sort with all of our bartenders being highly trained and happy to come up with new creations, whether these are based on imagination or, as in the example above, on summer memories. We can also create something totally unique to fit your event or represent your brand, as a signature or welcome drink.

Q: I am planning an office party. Do I require a licence or permit of any kind?

A: Licensing requirements do vary greatly based on individual circumstances. We encourage you to get in touch for a friendly chat (no obligation of course) to quickly assess your situation. For most privately held events a license isn't necessary but if this isn't the case we'd happily deal with this on your behalf.


Q: Are you insured and licensed?

A: Yes we are. As every reliable business we have a Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance policy in place, both up to £5m cover. Also, Cocktail Arts is a responsible alcohol provider and we comply with the Licensing Act 2003, we provide qualified Personal Licence Holders for every event and help to arrange any relevant licenses where applicable for your complete peace-of-mind.


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