Cocktail Arts - Terms & Conditions

We understand that reading business terms not as exciting than, for example, picking your favourites for your cocktail menu, but we believe it's important to provide clear and detailed information about our services to ensure Customer Satisfaction and to avoid any misunderstanding regarding your upcoming booking with Cocktail Arts.

Please carefully read the below Terms and Conditions that covers all aspects of our business activities, including our payment terms, cancellations and operational policies.

The below terms are effective from 1st September 2017 and supersede any previous editions.




‘We’ and ‘the Business’ refers to Cocktail Arts, operated by Levente Lavrinyuk as a sole trader.

‘Client' is the person(s) and/or organization(s) hiring the equipment or services from the Business.

‘Guest’ is a person attending on an event that is organized by the Client.

‘Deposit’ is the amount of money payable to Cocktail Arts to guarantee the booking.   

‘Staff’ is a collective term that refers to various roles such as a mixologist, bartender, bar back and waiters/waitresses, who are temporary employees working for and on the behalf of the Business to carry out our services on the Clients’ events.

 ‘Package’ is a group of services that is provided by the Business and includes previously agreed features regarding the particulars of the event such as service hours, event location and the list of drinks and equipment included. The Package also determines the bar hire format and the financial and operational structure in which our services are provided for the Client.


General Terms of Business


Bookings are subject to satisfactory receipt of the pre-agreed Deposit a completed and signed Bar Hire Agreement. Any of these two actions are considered by the Business as an acceptance of its Terms and Conditions.


These Terms and Conditions form part of a legally binding contract between the Business and the Client.

If the items in these Terms and Conditions are not met we reserve the right to either withdraw our services or make an additional charge to cover our reasonable costs or losses in revenue.


The Licensing Act 2003


Cocktail Arts is a responsible alcohol provider therefor all of our bars and services operate under The Licensing Act 2003. Levente Lavrinyuk is a qualified Personal License Holder. A copy of his license and the relevant certificates are available upon request.

Our staff are authorised and instructed to operate within these rules. Please note the following:

1)No alcohol will be sold to anyone under the age of 18, or who appears to be so and cannot prove otherwise. If your event includes guests around the age of 18, please ask them to bring ID.

2)It is an offence to sell or supply or supply alcohol to anyone under the age of 18. If we suspect that anyone is doing so, service from that person will be withdrawn. If we see anyone we know to be underage drinking alcohol that has been purchased from us, we confiscate the drink or ask you to do so.

3)We will not serve anyone who is excessively drunk, or who is abusive or threatening to staff or other customers or guests. The decision taken on such situations by our staff will be final. In severe cases the Business reserves the right to immediately withdraw its activities and the Client remains liable to pay any outstanding or occurring costs.


4)The Business isn’t liable and reserve the right to refuse any claim against damage or injury in the Client’s or public property if this is the direct result of the above behaviour or acts.


5)The Business agrees to provide advice and apply for relevant licensing (Temporary Event Notices) should the Client’s site require one, but in all cases it remains the Client’s responsibility to provide complete and correct information to support the application. In all cases, the legal responsibility remains with the Client to obtain such licenses.

Deposits, payment terms and cancellations


A deposit is payable to confirm the booking. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, a deposit of 50% of the final quoted price is payable that counts towards the final balance of the booking.


The outstanding balance is due by no later than 10 working days prior to the start time of the event. Failure to settle the outstanding balance results in the refusal of providing our services and no deposits will be refunded to the Client.


Any deposits paid are fully refundable to the Client only if we receive a cancellation notice in writing no later than 10 working days prior to the event’s date.


Any cancellations made within this 10 working day period results that the Business retains 50% of any deposits paid and only the remaining 50% will be refunded to the Client.

If the booking is made within 10 working days prior to the event the full balance is payable and the same refund policy is applicable as outlined above.


In packages and events where the final price is determined as a ‘price-per-person’ and based on the number of attendees the Business, if concerned, reserves the right to manually count the number of attendees and suspend the drinks service until this has been carried out. In cases where the Client is found to have more attendees than previously agreed, the Event Manager will offer the possibility to settle the extra costs immediately at the previously agreed ‘price-per-person’ rate. Failure to do so may result in immediate termination of our services and withdrawal of our staff/equipment from the Client’s site. Furthermore, in cases where the actual number of attendees exceed the previously agreed numbers by more than 10%, the Business would be no longer reliable to guarantee that no beverage categories would run out before the end of the service, regardless of satisfactory payment received for the extra number of Guests.


Any occurring fees that are a direct result of extended service hours or increased number of Guests are payable immediately. In cases where payment cannot be taken immediately we offer an option for the Client to settle the outstanding balance no later than 3 days after the event.


In these cases, the Client agrees to provide us with valid debit/credit card details for security purposes. Please note that this payment option incurs a further 10% service charge.


If the Client fails to settle the outstanding balance within 3 working days, the Business reserves the right to charge the previously provided card with the full balance, including a 15% late payment fee.


Bar opening times and services hours


Bar opening times will be subject to approval by the relevant authorities.


Service hours refer to a period in which the bar operates and serves Guests in line with the pre-agreed terms. Service hours are exclusive of any set up or break down time.


In cases where the Client requires us to extend our service hours outside the previously set times, we charge an extra fee to cover the increased costs that is payable immediately by the Client. We reserve the right to refuse the extension of our service hours if the Client fails to pay the aforementioned fees or, if such extension would breach any rules set out by the local authorities or licensing bodies.


Electric power supply:


Wherever applicable, the Client shall ensure a 13amp power supply at or near to the bar location. The Business takes no responsibility for any problems that occur in our services if those are the result of the lack or failure of the power supplies.


Access to venue:


The client shall ensure sufficient time is available to access the venue prior to the start of the event to unload and prepare equipment and stock. The Client shall also ensure sufficient time between the closing of the bar and having to vacate the venue to enable all goods and equipment to be dismantled, removed and loaded into waiting vehicles.


Environmental responsibility and wastage removal


The Business operates a ‘No Mess Left Behind’ policy in all of our Bar hire Packages meaning that we agree and are liable to selectively collect, remove and responsively discharge any wastage that occurs as a result from our services.

However, the business isn’t liable and our staff may refuse to remove or discharge any waste that isn’t directly resulted from our activities on the Client’s site.


Vehicle parking:


A secure parking spot for Cocktail Arts vehicles should be made available next to the venue access point to ensure availability of additional stock and to facilitate easy loading and unloading.


It is therefore essential that no parking restrictions apply that might prevent us from carrying out these activities and that sufficient space is available to enable us to carry out these tasks. Once unloaded, the vehicles can be removed to a suitable parking area, which, for security and convenience of storing/collecting reserve stock, must be close to, and within the boundary of the venue.


If suitable and sufficient space is not available and/or we have to park illegally, you will be responsible for payment of any non-endorsable fines. Please note: Under no circumstances will we park or unload in any area where our vehicle(s) may be towed away, clamped, locked in or where we may be liable for an endorsable penalty/commit an endorsable offence.


The decision of our driver(s) shall be final with regard to any issue relating to parking, or vehicle/staff safety. Should any issue arise relating to these matters, our driver(s) will contact you or your appointed event representative in order to discuss suitable alternatives.


Terms & Conditions specific to various bar hire formats


Dry-Bar hire


The Client is solely responsible to purchase and provide the wet stock that is served to his/her Guests on the event by Cocktail Arts. When requested, We provide a shopping list for the Client based on the particulars of the event, but the acceptance/refusal of these suggestions is completely down to the Client’s consideration.


The Business isn’t reliable for any shortage or other discrepancy that occurs in the Client’s stock.


In every Dry-Bar hire the wet stock remains the Clients property and the Business isn’t liable to ‘buy back’ any of the leftover stock from the Client.


Free-Bar hire


In our ‘All-inclusive’ packages where all drinks costs are settled by the Client as a lump sum either before or after the event the stock remains the Business’ property and no leftover stock is to be retained by the Client.


Where ‘unlimited’ consumption has been agreed, the Business is liable to provide appropriate stock levels to ensure no shortage occurs during the service hours.


Client’s Guests will be served unlimited amounts inside the pre-agreed service hours, subject to no concerns about excessive alcohol consumption and any abusive or offending behavior or health issues.


The term ‘unlimited’ refers to beverage categories and not to individual beverage brands. Beverage categories are: Bottled beers, bottled ales, bottled cider, red wine, white wine, rose wine, sparkling wine, champagne, whisky, rum, gin, vodka, tequila, liquors, soft drinks and waters.


For example, on an event where the Business provides a ‘Gin Bar’ with unlimited terms means that the Business is liable to provide sufficient quantities of gin but isn’t liable and can’t guarantee that particular brands would not run out by the end of the service.


Cash-Bar hire


Any stock provided under our Cash Bar packages remains the Business’ property and no leftover stock can be retained by the Client.


The Business agrees to provide its bars/equipment/staff/stock in a pre-agreed package FREE OF CHARGE if the following criteria are met:


  • No other drinks suppliers are operating on the event during our service hours 

  • There are at least 70 Guests attending on the event.

  • The Client agrees to provide 4 clear hours of service time during which at least 80% of the Guests will be at present.

If the Client fails to comply with any of the above criteria or a major breach comes to the Event Manager’s attention upon the event, the Business reserves the right to charge the Client with the ‘Recovery Fee’ outlined in the Bar Hire Agreement. A major breach includes but isn’t limited to circumstances such as significant difference between the pre-agreed and actual number of attendees, or the presence and operation of any other drinks provider.


Alongside of standard cash payments we also accept card payments and provide card payment facilities, but in every cases it’s the Client’s responsibility to ensure that appropriate technical circumstances (electricity, internet coverage) are in place to ensure these activities can be carried out effectively.


In remote locations or where we are concerned about mobile internet signal is sufficient, we reserve the right to refuse the offering of card payments to the Client’s Guests.