How to hire a Bar?


Bar Hire Guide

We understand that organising an event can be stressful sometimes, and putting the right kind of drinks service in place is not always straightforward.


The many different options and factors can be a bit overwhelming, but we are here to help along the way and make hiring a bar one of the easiest tasks on your to-do list.

That's why we have created a little guide to walk you through the most important things you should consider when planning your party.

Step 1 - 'The Basics'

We are sure that you already have a great reason to bring you friends, family or even colleagues together, but before you rush forward to choose your favourite drinks and cocktails, it might be a good idea to stop for a second and have a look on the basics.

How many guests you will invite? Is the event held in a licensed venue or in a private home? For how many hours should the bar run? 

Running through quickly on these might be obvious, but it's always good to touch base so we would know how big the bar should be and how many staff you would require, or whether or not should obtain a license, and so on. All in all, it's a great 'warm up'  before you set off to the more specific questions.  

Step 2 - 'Set your budget'

The most crucial (and least fun) step on your bar hire journey is to figure out how the drinks will be paid for on the event. 

Is it a private family event so no one should pay a penny and all the drinks will be on you? Is it a business get-together and the attendees will purchase their own drinks at the bar? Or maybe you want to put some money behind the bar to treat your guests and once that's gone the service turns into a 'cash-bar'?

These various options also have different pricing structures, so setting your budget well in advance is a sure bet for a hassle-free bar hire experience. If you are not sure what format is the most suitable for your event, check out our quick guide on the most popular bar types, or browse our sample packages for pricing ideas.

Step 3 - 'The Drinks Selection'

Once you get over the basics and the money-matter, it's time for some 'serious business'... You need to decide what kind of drinks should be served on your special occasion.

Beyond picking your favourite cocktails or putting your number one bubbly to the drinks menu, you should consider a number of factors that can help to finalise the drinks selection, such as...


Should the bar be stocked with a wide range of drinks like wines, beers and mixers, or you are after something more special like a classy Champagne Bar or a jazzy Gin Bar? Will there be more gents attending than ladies, so ice cold beer is a must, or maybe it's hen party where cocktails and bubbly would be the most popular? Either way, considering these in advance is great to make sure the drinks offered will meet everyone's taste.


Find inspiration from our extensive selection of Niche Bars to help deciding what sort of drinks could make your party even more special.

Step 4 - 'Design your Bar'

Imagine a vintage summer soiree in a peaceful garden, or a cosy beach wedding on a sunny summer day... Wouldn't it be fantastic if the bar would fit the style of the event and not just simply be a dull folding table with a black tablecloth?

Since it's YOUR special occasion and the bar is exclusive to your party, we believe it's appearance should reflect this and be individually styled to you.

Whether it's a unique decoration, company logo or personalised drinks menus, at this step you can unleash your imagination and get your bar designed to give a special flair to your party. 

Step 5 - 'Book your Bar'

Now that you have a rock solid plan and exciting ideas about hiring a bar for your upcoming event, it's time to get the ball rollin'... 

Get in touch with Cocktail Arts today to book your unique mobile bar.


Feel free to let us know if you need further help or expert advice regarding any of the above steps, we do everything we can to make hiring a bar an easy and pleasant experience.

Simply give us a call for a friendly chat or send us a message with some details about your upcoming event so we can start buzzing ideas and put together a personally tailored package for you.

Step 6 - 'You're done!'

Congratulations! You just have sorted the drink service for your event and booked your bespoke bar, full of your (and your guests') favourite drinks and cocktails.

You can now focus on other important things on your to-do list, or sit down and enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine, knowing that your bar hire needs are in safe hands.

In the meantime, we get to the hard work to make sure your event will be long remembered.

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